Camp Fun & Faith Fun Facts


-Camp began in 1991 when the Apostolic Oblates bought the Alpha and Omega Race Horse Training Center and converted it into the Alpha and Omega Retreat Center and Camp.


-The Oblates would not have been able to buy the property without the help of Msgr. Peter Dunne.


-The first year was a day camp for both girls and boys.


-In 1992 Camp became for girls only, and they stayed overnight.


-The Apostolic Oblates started Camp because their founder, Bishop

Giaquinta, asked them to help all people become saints, including campers.


-Activities were mainly held in the barn: stalls were converted to costume rooms and storage, the tack room to the craft room, the jockey office to a kitchen, the exercise arena to an indoor sand volleyball court.


-In the first years there were no cabins. All the groups slept on the floor in the farmhouse: in the loft, the “big room”, the living room, the basement. Mass was held in the “big room” (the only place at Camp with air conditioning).


-Camp never had a swimming pool, but a dip in the horse tank cooled off campers.


-In October 2010 the barn burned down.


-The summer of 2011 Camp was held in the new activity center (which only had a ceiling and walls —not even windows or doors)—no water or kitchen yet, so...lots of trips to the restrooms at the cabins and most of the cooking done on the grill.


-The current activity center was finished by 2012, providing multiple restrooms, lots of indoor space, offices, a kitchen, and, most importantly, a chapel.


-Camp has always been supported by many, many generous volunteers and donors.


-God has blessed this Camp in amazing ways, from the smallest details to the biggest projects.


-May God bless every camper, junior counselor, counselor, and volunteer who comes to Camp. Let us become saints together. All saints, all brothers and sisters!